Monday Monday

Doctor’s office called this morning to schedule my MRI, and it needs to be done at a certain point in my cycle, so I won’t have it till 10/5. Pretty frustrating because that means there will still be a lot of questions until at least then, and obviously my surgery won’t take place until at least October. Grr.

Also got a copy of my biopsy results. Most of it is, of course, Greek to me, but here’s the main part, which may mean something to you if you’re, I don’t know, in the medical field, or have had breast cancer:

Invasive carcinoma with the following features:
Histologic type: Ductal of no special type.
Histologic grade: High.
Nottingham grade: 3 of 3, score 8 of 9.
Tubule formation: Poor, 3 of 3.
Nuclear grade: High, 3 of 3.
Mitotic rate: Intermediate, 2 of 3.
Lymph-vascular invasion: Absent.
Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS): Present, with abundant cancerization of
Architectural pattern: Cribriform.
Nuclear grade: High.
Necrosis: Present, Central.
Associated calcifications: Absent.

Lots of questions, naturally, among them: if we decided to have another child, is this going to eliminate breastfeeding from this boob? May seem a silly triviality, but it’s all the little things that make the big worry.

Anyhow, going to try to stay busy today (or if not, take a Xanax that my primary care doc prescribed me, God bless her) and read some more of the book my friend Beth sent me (The Breast Cancer Survival Manual – so far, so good). That’s it for now.

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