Red and other things of note

Okay, first of all, I have decided MY color for fighting breast cancer isn’t pink – it’s red. Red is the color of anger, passion, and love. It’s the color of fire, blood, and life. Pink is nice and all – I like pink, I’m actually wearing pink right now – but red is serious. Red gets shit done. Red is emotion.

Second, I checked out my 23andme results last night – Julian and I did it a few years ago for funzies, and I forgot that they test for three of the BRCA mutations when you do it. First of all, interestingly, although I am about 98% white northern and western European, I am also 0.1% Ashkenazi – fascinating. But more importantly, with regard to the three BRCA mutations they test for, I came back negative on all of them. Now, the test they did yesterday – called “myRisk” – tests for a lot of other mutations, so there is possibly still bad news waiting to be delivered. But I told my doc about the 23andme results and he said they were very encouraging. Hey. I’ll take my good news where I can get it!

I saw an ad on a bus yesterday for the Seattle Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk, put on by the American Cancer Society. I signed up for it today, but now I am sort of thinking maybe I am overcommitting myself. I am again co-producing the benefit Halloween party for the Seattle Humane Society this year on 10/24 (The Black Cat Bash), and, you know, I have cancer. It’s only a 3.7 mile walk though and I think if I could rally a team it would really help me feel like I was doing something useful and proactive while I wait for news and treatment. So if you’re interested in joining me in fundraising and walking on Saturday, October 10, please let me know. It would mean a lot to me.

That’s all I got today – a million things to take care of and not nearly enough time. Off I go!

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