Preoperative fear fest

I went in for my preop today and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I got two prescriptions – one for a painkiller and one for an anti-nausea patch. Very smart of them to give you the scrips ahead of time – I hate when they give you a pain scrip the day of and you have to enlist someone to go get your prescription for you.

There was definitely a daunting list of side effects and possible risks, which is why I was nervous today. I had to sign the paper and give it back to them, or I’d take a picture. Most of them the doctor feels won’t affect me, but of course any of them could.

The lump of tissue he’ll take out is approximately the size of a ping pong ball, and then he goes back in and shaves the sides of the excision just to try to ensure clear margins. So essentially I’ll be losing about a golf ball-sized lump of boob tissue. He says he has a strong concentration on cosmetic results and will have a team of plastic surgeons behind him in case there are any issues. Still, that’s a lot of boob! Little worried about that.

So in the briefest way, the overview is: under local anesthetic, they use a needle to insert a radioactive seed in the tumor with the aid of ultrasound; then they give me an injection of radioactive dye to identify the sentinel lymph nodes; then they give me general anesthetic and begin the procedure, which should take around an hour; he makes two incisions, one to remove the cancer cells and one to remove the lymph nodes, and uses a probe in both areas to identify the radioactive spots and remove them; then I go to post-op, and when I’m stable, go home. I need to rest the first day, then after that, moderate rest with no lifting anything over 5 pounds for a week.

They make it all sound so simple and my doctor literally walked into the room and congratulated me (!) because of all the positive test results we’ve gotten, so my hopes are high for a good outcome.

That’s all for now!

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