A very brief update!

I thought I better post a quick update since I’m getting lots of questions, but it will very brief because I am high on life, and by life I mean painkillers.

Everything went fine! There were a lot of delays which really sucked, but I am home now watching TV and eating delicious food brought by my wonderful friends and neighbors Meghan and Mac. The kids’ excitement at seeing me come home almost made the whole ordeal worthwhile. I have gotten lots of love and snuggles and kisses. My amazing husband has been the best nursemaid I could ask for. And I am just filled with hope and optimism (you were so right, Hannah) and more than anything gratitude. Grateful for my family, my friends, my pets, my health, my life.

Every single one of your messages buoyed me today (especially yours, giggin1 – wish I could read your blog, maybe I’ll put it through a translator)!

Thank you all, thank God, and tomorrow (probably, or soon) I’ll give you all the dirty deets.


2 thoughts on “A very brief update!

  1. YEEEEAAAH! So goood to hear from you. I knew it would go well but still been restless to hear from you. I felt all the same feelings: the delays and the euphoria when it’s over. Unstoppable. My husband and I took a taxi from the hospital. I got car sick, or maybe the morphine, anyways I got out of the cab and we walked for 30 min to get home. A few hours after the surgery. Hah! Cancer schmancer, you have nothing on me. You just continue your “honeymoon phase” as long as you can and get lots of sleep and love ❤️

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