More results, more good news!

A few things to report but I’ll just cut to the chase right here at the beginning:

Wide clear margins on the removed cancer cells, lymph node negative for cancer! CANCER IS GONE!

I tried taking a pic of the damage a couple days ago but it’s tough to tell what’s going on because of the steri strips. Then the steri strips in my armpit just started falling off, probably because I have such sweaty pits, so here’s a photo of that incision, which is now exposed. You can see the ones on my breast to the side.


So some bruising obviously and yes a big old wound, but given that the operation was done on Monday and this pic was taken this morning, not so bad!

I still have quite a bit of soreness in my armpit, but have been off the narcotic pain meds for about 2 days – just taking ibuprofen as needed now. The incision in my breast doesn’t hurt at all unless I accidentally brush it (or one of the kids leans on it, as is more often the case). Very tired a lot of the time – long sleeps at night and also often daytime napping. I think my body is putting all its energy towards healing itself and as a result my energy is sapped. As long as that means I am healing well and fast, though, I’ll take it!

I’ve had a few amazing friends bring food, company, and send flowers, so my spirits are as high as ever, and now with good news to back it up! Next steps are appointments with medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, cancer naturopathy department at Swedish, and follow up with Dr. Smith.

Onward and upward!

2 thoughts on “More results, more good news!

  1. Yeah, good news! It’s so interesting to follow somebody going through the same stuff as I am. My tumor was a little bigger than yours, and my scar is right outside the nipple. I also got one lymphnode removed, but my scar is not right under my armpit, but on the side of my boob, just where the wire from my bra stops. So I bought my first wireless bra in years. Not support enough, but for now, as long as the scar is healing, I’ll wear it. No meds the last 5 days, but a lot of naps. Tired and foggy. All is well for both of us it seems 👍❤️

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    • Yeah the first day I tried to wear my regular bra it wasn’t exactly under the underwire but it was basically getting pressure from it. I have been wearing these sleep/nursing bras I got from Amazon that are less flattering to the girls but SO comfortable! Napping here too. Doesn’t help that now I have my kids’ cold!

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