I am scared.

I am scared I am scared I am scared I am scared I am so damned scared.

I don’t know why I just – I am having like a fear panic attack. I am supposed to be going out with a friend tonight and my hands are shaking and I am nauseated. I assume it’s because I will be seeing the doctor tomorrow and finding out my treatment schedule, but I don’t know why that should scare me any more than what I already know. Still.

I am so scared.

6 thoughts on “I am scared.

  1. It’s ok to be scared. This is scary stuff. But, it will get easier, I swear. Every step deeper is a little harder, but at some point there are no more steps. At some point it will feel ok. In the meantime, lots of hugs and love and processing with people your trust and love. It will get better. You will feel better.

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    • Thank you so much. I’m so sorry your chemo is kicking your ass. I’m sending strength and positive vibes your way. We’ll make it through this and one day it will all be a distant memory. xo

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  2. Don’t fight the panic attacs, just ride the waves. You already know this will not be an easy road to walk, but we will get to the end, or rather to the beginning of our new lives. Stay strong ❤️

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