My song

I decided some time ago that my cancer-fighting color is red. When I was diagnosed I bought myself a kickass red scarf, and yesterday I got myself an amazing red dress that I plan to wear to my karaoke birthday party in July. And now I know what song I’m going to sing, too.

I’m just going to power through this. No worrying about what might happen. No stressing about how it could go. Screw cancer. No matter how crappy chemotherapy might be, it’s going to kill any renegade cells that may be hiding out waiting to strike. Chemo is scary, but cancer is scarier. I have ridden the Zipper. I have swum with sting rays. I have sung karaoke ON STAGE. I have attempted natural child birth and faced an emergency C-section head on. I can do this. I can do this ALL NIGHT LONG.

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