Chemo: Side Effects

Day 4 chemo treatment. Up till now I’ve primarily had some nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and slight but manageable constipation. Today, the you-know-what hit the fan, however, as the constipation seems to be switching over to diarrhea. I’m not necessarily going all the time but right now in a phase where I only feel comfortable sitting on the toilet – and I don’t especially enjoy sitting on the toilet, so I’m not really feeling very comfortable.

Just took some Pepto and a Zofran. Hoping the latter doesn’t give me a bad headache but at least I could lie down and be semi-relaxed with a headache – not so much with this stomach nonsense.

On the other hand, slept fairly well last night for the first time and am finally done with the steroids (for this round). So looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight (I hope). Also still feeling very grateful that this could be much worse. Before this digestive situation started I mainly just felt a little under the weather, which is obviously not awesome but could be so much worse.

Onwards and upwards!

5 thoughts on “Chemo: Side Effects

  1. Drink lots of water Kate, and eat your 5 small meals! Sleep as much as possible. Eat as little sugar as possible. This is not a bad round ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    One my first round my stomach was ok, but this time, wow, diarrhea and constipation taking turns for the last 11 days.

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  2. Water, yes! Things that help me are fresh grated ginger tea with honey for upset stomach, and yogurt with live cultures to replace all the good bacteria in my gut. It seems to help me quite a bit. You will be able to manage this, it’s a gigantic curve ball, but it is manageable – and temporary. Also, I kept confusing upset stomach with severe heartburn. Once I started taking Ranitidine I felt SO much better. Hang in there!

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