I’ve always had a fairly “precious” digestive system. What I mean by that is from my palate all the way through and down is super sensitive. Nothing spicy, no raw onions or garlic, even ginger burns my mouth (and if I ingest it, later other things). It has been an albatross around my neck my ENTIRE life because there is nothing whinier than, “I can’t eat this, it’s too spicy, wah wah wahhh.” Still, I have dealt with it and lived.

I thus should have known that that’s where chemo was going to kick me – right in the gut. My stomach is cramping, gurgling, bubbling, and aching. I spent half the day in the bathroom before, near tears, finally begging my mother to go get me a sitz bath to soothe my nether regions. I took some Pepto and a Zofran with zero effect, other than that the giant burning lava rock of heartburn has returned to the center of my chest. Just took an Ativan, my secondary prescribed nausea med, and am going to lie down now and pray for mercy.

Chemo ain’t no joke. 

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