Neutrophils and Incompetence

So, yesterday Dr. Jackass told me my neutrophil count was 400, and they had to be 500 before I could leave. He told Dr. Kaplan the same thing, and he checked the numbers twice.

Turns out my neutrophils were 40. Normal neutrophil count is 2500 – 6000. Add that to my fever and I had febrile neutropenia.

Good news: today my neutrophils are up to 380 after two days at 40. Bad news: they’re making me stay here another night.

Super tired of looking at these four walls. Maybe now is a good time to start my novel.

3 thoughts on “Neutrophils and Incompetence

  1. I really feel for you. What you are going through must be so very difficult. I wish you strength and courage. You are an inspiration to me, someone who suffers from moderate neutropenia for most of the year and moans about it almost non-stop. I pray for your recovery. Jx


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