The treadmill.

I can’t even keep track of my meds anymore.

Night before and morning of chemo day:
2x dexamethasone to prevent allergic reaction

Chemo Day:
Lidocaine shot to numb port site
Emend & Aloxi via IV to curb nausea
Ibuprofen by mouth to treat headache caused by Emend & Aloxi
Taxotere & cytoxan by IV to kill cancer cells
Lupron shot to shut down ovaries/preserve fertility

Night of chemo, then twice a day for three more days:
Dexamethasone to prevent allergic reaction and help nausea

Day after chemo then for 6 more days:
Shot of Granix in thigh to boost white blood cells (Premera won’t cover the Neulasta shot, of which I’d only need one given the same day as chemo)
Claritin to prevent bone pain caused by Granix
Oxycodone to treat any remaining bone pain

As needed:
Zofran for nausea not treated by dexamethasone
Ativan for nausea not treated by Zofran
Zantac for heartburn caused by chemo
Probiotics to keep digestive system sane
Imodium for digestive upset

This is all in addition to my previously prescribed meds for heartburn, depression, and insomnia. I am definitely a proponent of better living through chemistry but this is out of control. Trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel and hoping it comes soon.

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