The Search for an All-Natural Deodorant that Works

Have been searching for a natural deodorant/antiperspirant product that actually does the job – here are my findings so far!

Lipgloss & Life

Well well well! Haven’t posted here in awhile! And this is actually a bit of a cross-post, as it also pertains to my breast cancer situation.

Since before my diagnosis, I have been searching for a more “natural” antiperspirant/deodorant. This is a hard search for me. I tend to hyperhidrosis in my pits (oh my god there’s a SOCIETY for this!) and have ever since I was a kid – I used Certain Dri as  a teenager and young adult (on the recommendation of my doctor), and while I can assure you it works like nothing else, I can’t say how good it is for you, so I phased out of that. Nonetheless, I don’t like the feeling or the look of big sweat patches in my pits, so that’s problem one. Problem two is that, along with sh!t and bleach, body odor is one of my top…

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3 thoughts on “The Search for an All-Natural Deodorant that Works

  1. Thank you for this post! I immediately purchase the Bali deodorant and have using it diligently since. I think it works great and I feel good using it since it is all natural. Family has even purchased it since hearing how well it works. Thanks so much!

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