That’s it. I just wanted to say it because in the movies, cancer/chemo makes you all skinny and hallowed. And from my experience – and according to the nurse I spoke with at my last chemo – that is not the case for EIGHTY PERCENT OF WOMEN. I lost a little weight after my first chemo and I was all stoked that at least one good thing would come of it.


I am 20 pounds heavier than when I started and it sucks, because I was not skinny to start with. The only positive thing anyone should expect to take away from chemo is cancer treatment. And not having to shave, which I admit I will miss.

CHEMO MADE ME FAT. TER. And if it makes you fat, too, you’re not alone. Hang in there, sister. It will be over soon.

9 thoughts on “CHEMO MAKES YOU FAT.

  1. I was just gonna write about this too. I absolutely can’t control my steroid cravings. Famished all the time and it’s so frustrating to see the initial weight loss go to the other way now. So glad you shared this.

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    • Oh I’m sorry! Well maybe you’ll be in that 20%, you never know! Some women also told me that it comes right off as soon as everything is out of your system. I’m only three weeks out from my last chemo so I can’t speak to that yet. Fingers crossed!

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