Memorial Cake


Okay, so, yesterday I went to Safeway to get Julian a birthday cake because they have surprisingly delicious cakes. First of all, I was hoping for a chocolate cake with white icing but they were all white with white or chocolate with chocolate. So I politely asked the lady working in the bakery if they had any chocolate with white and she somewhat angrily told me NO, those have to be special ordered! Fair enough. The limited selection they did have were split between birthday (which were all white with white) and Memorial Day (with the flags, which is the one I ended up getting for Julian). And this is where I get to my point.

I realize that in this country Memorial Day is all about a long weekend and the start of summer and barbecuing (and for some of us, the beginning of the season where it’s no longer considered gauche to wear white slacks or shoes), but can we take a second to think about how weird and disrespectful that is? I’m not preaching here, I just find it pretty strange that the way we honor and remember fallen soldiers is by eating a cake with a flag on it.

Thank you for dying for this country. Now excuse me while I enjoy some flag cake.

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