When I was a kid, I wanted to be an actress. Well, really, I wanted to be famous. But as I got into my teens, I realized that what I wanted to be famous for was acting. So I did drama – more specifically, musical theatre – in high school and loved every minute of it. I went to college and my parents badly wanted me to pursue a career that wouldn’t leave me homeless or waiting tables while praying for a big break that might never come, though, so although I took drama and improv classes in college, I majored in English.

Here I am now, 20 years later. I have worked mainly as a legal assistant and an executive assistant, but have also been a secretary, a bookstore clerk, a case manager at a guardianship office, a tutor to a child with autism, a volunteer CASA, a volunteer teacher’s assistant at a middle school and an alternative high school, and a dog walker. (This is, of course, all after I did many years at the Grist Mill – shout out.) I have seriously considered going back to school for other careers, as well – teacher, lawyer, guidance counselor.

In the end, though, if I think about what would make me happiest, what career I most regret not pursuing, who I really feel I am inside – it’s acting. I want to be on stage. I miss performing burlesque with a passion but even that isn’t it – it’s belting out a show tune, reciting a line with perfect timing, going on-stage nervous and leaving confident.

I’ve defied death. I’m still here. So maybe it’s time I finally pursue what I’ve always wanted to do before my nine lives run out.

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