Hormones and Grief (Video)

A 5-minute video about what’s going on with me. Apologize for the mood and for not just typing it instead – just don’t have it in me to type this up right now. If this doesn’t work, I also uploaded it as unlisted on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ap5svJsM6V0

I also want to add that it’s not just the baby thing that is upsetting me. It’s all the physical ailments, which are being ascribed to “hormones,” and have no end in sight. It’s going through menopause before my time, before I’m even forty. It’s feeling cheated and old and helpless. It’s everything.

2 thoughts on “Hormones and Grief (Video)

  1. Feeling so much sadness for you. It is such a shitty thing to have to deal with. I’m glad you’re talking about your feelings and processing it. It gives others who might be in the same boat more courage and knowledge that they aren’t alone. Hugs soon.

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  2. linda schmitz says:

    Kate, I lost all my reproductive organs at 37 due to an ovarian cyst (tumor). With diagnosis by 2 hospitals and the Armed Forces Pathological Institute, they never could give a definitive on whether it was cancer or not.
    I was grateful to have my healthy children, so I took Premarin for many years afterward for the menopausal symptoms. I am 73 and still here. Chin up kid!

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