Very brief update – good news!

I am running out the door in five minutes but in the briefest of updates:

Well first of all it’s kind of snowing? On March 23rd? In Seattle? We all know climate change is a hoax, tho.

Saw the ENT and turns out the “mole” in my ear was just a scab from a spontaneous bleed in my ear canal. Which sounds terrible but the ENT says it happens – the ear canal is the only place in the body where skin is adhered directly to bone. So I’m to go back into two weeks for a checkup but looks harmless!

Got an ultrasound yesterday and the doc said everything looked super normal – no thickening of my endometrium, no polyps or cysts, AND – get this – my ovaries appear to be activating…?!??!? She saw active follicles in there. OMG IF MY BODY NORMALIZES I WILL HAVE A PARTY TO CELEBRATE. You would come to my ovary party, right?

Gotta run but I know that all your thoughts and prayers both got me through this AND helped out with my health! ❤

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